4 Christmas Gift Ideas to Help you Feel Better in 2019

The holiday season is around the corner. These healthy gadgets will help yourself, family, and friends feel better and live healthier lifestyles in 2019!


The core chair is designed around the concept of active sitting. The chair as a pivot point immediately beneath the users’ centre of balance which provides natural movement in all directions up to a safe range of 14 degrees. Similar to sitting on an exercise ball this will engage your core stabilizers. The innovated shape of the seat snuggly support the pelvis making sitting in it very comfortable. While sitting in traditional chairs with a high back rest allows user to recline back against it, this position causes core muscles to be too relax and atrophy over time. The pivot point in the core chair can also allow users to lean in multiple directions and allow you to stretch your back periodically throughout the day.

Rebuild Physiotherapy Corechair black ergonomic chair


Sitting with poor posture is often the cause of most neck and back related injuries. People often sit with their shoulders rounded forward, upper back slouched, and neck forward as well. The Posture medic is a posture reminding resistance band that one can wear like a back pack. The resistance of the band pulls the shoulders back which will encourage an upright position for the neck and back. This support will decrease excess tension that will build in the spine and shoulders from sitting with poor posture throughout the day. I would recommend not relying solely on this passive support all day since you need to practice using your own upper back and neck muscles to sit with good posture. There are exercises that can be done with the posture medic band that comes with the package. Wear the posture medic band in the afternoon when you tend to be more fatigued and need the support.

Rebuild Physiotherapy blue posturemedic band to improve sitting posture


Prolong sitting in standard chairs often leads to tension in low back muscles, hamstring, and hip flexors. A sit stand desk converter transforms a standard desk into a sitting or standing workstation. These converters often feature a gas spring system that allows for smooth and stable height adjustments with a light squeeze of levers on the desk. I would recommend standing for an hour in the morning and afternoon at work to start then prolong this periods as you feel more comfortable with the station. For extended use, I would also recommend standing on a pressure mat to relieve pressure on your feet. Another important tip is to eat lunch away from your desk and the computer monitors. Eat lunch with some colleagues then go for a walk to fit some short exercise in.

Rebuild Physiotherapy black Sit to Stand Desk Converter


FIt bits and other fitness trackers are a great tool to keep track of your health. Activity level, water consumption, and sleep are just some features the fit bit offers. Are you hitting the daily recommended goal of 10000 steps? The fit bit can even track how many flights of stairs you take each day. The fit bit has an activity reminder that can encourage you to walk at least 250 steps per hour which is especially important for sedentary office type jobs. It just take a few minutes to walk to the water cooler, washroom, or to bug your favourite co-worker at other end of the office. Fitness trackers allow you to keep track of your activity and even compare and compete with your friends and family to encourage everyone to get more active.

Are you drinking as much water as you need? The daily recommended intake is 2.7L for women and 3.7L for men. Some of the side effects of dehydration are increase fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. Keeping track of your water consumption and hitting your goal can have drastic improvement in your productivity and energy level throughout the day.

Ever curious on how well you sleep? Sleep is crucial for overall energy level and recovery from illness or injuries. A fit bit will track how long you sleep and your restlessness throughout the night. This is a great way to track the quality of your sleep and make necessary changes to improve it. Remember like everything else in life, for your health what gets measure gets done!

Rebuild Physiotherapy Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker
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