Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a technique physiotherapists use to apply pressure on the muscle or joint to release tension in order to relieve pain and improve the joint range of motion.

What is Manual Therapy?

At Rebuild Physiotherapy, we don’t just treat symptoms; we get to the root cause of your injuries. Our manual therapy technique involves hands-on manipulation and mobilization of muscles, joints, and soft tissues.

By applying targeted pressure and movement, we aim to restore function, relieve pain, and expedite your journey towards optimal health.

Our manual therapy technique involves hands-on manipulation and mobilization of muscles, joints, and soft tissues.

What is a Manual Therapy Treatment like?

1. Joint mobilization
A form of therapy targeted at treating joints. Physiotherapists apply either a sustain pressure or a gentle rhythmic oscillation to the joint in order to improve joint range of motion and relieve pain.

2. Joint manipulation
Joint manipulation involves a high velocity low amplitude force to a specific joint. Research has shown that when joint manipulation is performed with exercise the combination can be very effective when treating musculoskeletal injuries.

3. Massage
Massage techniques, such as trigger point release, deep tissue massage or active release technique can be applied on muscles, tendons, and ligament to improve the elasticity, improve mobility and reduce pain. Massage techniques can be used to break down scar tissue which will enhance circulation to injured tissues to promote healing.

What conditions can be treated with
manual therapy?

  • Neck pain (muscle spasm, disc herniation)
  • Lower back pain (disc herniation, facet joint restriction, spinal stenosis)
  • Thoracic spine pain (disc herniation, rib restriction)
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  • Shoulder pain (impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury)
  • Hip pain (hip bursitis, post-surgical hip replacement, myofascial hip pain, hip impingement)
  • Knee pain (iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral dysfunction, post-surgical knee replacement)
  • Ankle pain (ankle sprains/strains, arthritis)

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“I had a bad knee injury after flying off my bike. But was in the middle of training for a marathon. Eric helped me with knee strength building activities to help me recover nicely in time to run!”

– Elaine Yao 

“Eric identified my problem as being due to shoulder impingement…Eric was able to determine what the issue was as well as isolate the specific movements that were triggering the problem. With this knowledge, he provided me with some physio exercises to strengthen the muscles around my deltoids and alleviate the problem.”

– Ice P 

“I went to Eric to relieve me from a frozen shoulder shoulder pain. Eric was quick to point out the problem after the first session and designed a treatment plan based on it. The sessions were really effective and I felt a difference in my shoulder within a week.”

– Bianca P 

“I went to see Eric following a foot injury, and am extremely satisfied with the treatment I received. Right from the first session, he was able to quickly pinpoint the issue and provide me with a plan of action and exercises to address it.”

– Lucas Hawath 

“I came to Eric for wrist pain that I experienced from a sport injury and his care was nothing short of amazing. Eric took the time to understand my personal recovery goals and devised a simple and easy plan for me to reach them.”

– Matthew L. 

“Eric’s knowledge and expertise in physiotherapy were evident from the start. He took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, asking insightful questions and actively listening to my concerns. I am very satisfied with my neck treatment. Highly recommend!”

– Edra Kalemi 

“Eric was an absolute professional. He took time to understand the issue with my shoulder and help with a recovery plan. He was very considerate in building the recovery plan with our lifestyle in mind.”

– Abbhilash M. 

“I came to Eric with a torn quad from soccer and was really worried about how long it would take to rehab. Eric gave a very thorough assessment , paid great attention to detail re. my physical activities and sports. He set me up on a rehab plan that enabled me back to my activities in a relatively short time.”

– Lindsey Craig 

“Eric is a true professional who cares about this patients and offers amazing treatment. Unlike many physios he is completely hands on with his clients, uses electro acupuncture and massage techniques to help alleviate pain speed up recovery.”

– Aizaz Alam 

“Eric was very detailed in his process of understanding of my issue and injury before laying out a clear plan to fix it. I loved that from day one I knew how long it would take and exactly what we would be doing to fix the injury. Worked out exactly like he said it would. Definitely recommend him!”

– Muz B. 
Toronto, ON