Ergonomic Assessment

Posture is often a common cause of many injuries. An ergonomic assessment of your posture in your work environment will help determine the root cause of your injury.

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Feeling aches and pains that you suspect are linked to your work environment? At Rebuild Physiotherapy, our ergonomic assessments offer tailored solutions. We evaluate your workspace setup to provide you with actionable recommendations that correct posture, minimize strain, and enhance overall comfort.

Make your workspace a place where well-being comes first, preventing potential injuries before they develop.

What happens at your appointment?

At Rebuild Physiotherapy, an assessment can include:

  • Evaluation of posture in the work environment: Tailored for Toronto’s office workforce, we focus on common issues affecting the neck, back, shoulders, and hips.
  • Photo Analysis: Take pictures at your workstation and discuss them with your physiotherapist for precise recommendations.

Biomechanics in Sports

  • Technique Assessment: For athletes, we analyze your movement patterns during sports activities to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Identifying Faults: An incorrect movement technique can add undue stress to your body and result in sports-related injuries.

How do ergonomics
affect injuries?

The Phone Example: A Case of Chronic Neck Pain

  • Head Weight: The human head weighs around 10 pounds. When your neck is straight, this weight is well-distributed across your neck bones and muscles.
  • Forward Head: Leaning your head forward increases its effective weight due to torque. Similar to you holding a water melon with outstretched arms away from your body. The watermelon will feel heavier for your arms when you carry it this way.
  • Result: Muscle fatigue, tension, and pain can accumulate in your neck, especially after a long workday.

Solutions Through Ergonomic Assessment

  • Optimize Your Workstation: repositioning your office equipment can lead to better sitting posture.
  • Root Cause Elimination: Correcting your posture can resolve the underlying issue, decreasing your risk of injury.

How does Biomechanics
affect injuries?

Repetitive Movement Risks

  • Muscle Imbalances & Incorrect Technique: These can contribute to faulty movement patterns and lead to injuries over time.

The Runner’s Example

  • Common Issues: Weakness in the gluteus medius and tension in the gluteus maximus and IT band can result in knee or lower back injuries.
  • Benefits of Biomechanics Analysis: Improve performance, reduce fatigue, and prevent sidelining injuries by optimizing your movement technique.

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“I had a bad knee injury after flying off my bike. But was in the middle of training for a marathon. Eric helped me with knee strength building activities to help me recover nicely in time to run!”

– Elaine Yao 

“Eric identified my problem as being due to shoulder impingement…Eric was able to determine what the issue was as well as isolate the specific movements that were triggering the problem. With this knowledge, he provided me with some physio exercises to strengthen the muscles around my deltoids and alleviate the problem.”

– Ice P 

“I went to Eric to relieve me from a frozen shoulder shoulder pain. Eric was quick to point out the problem after the first session and designed a treatment plan based on it. The sessions were really effective and I felt a difference in my shoulder within a week.”

– Bianca P 

“I went to see Eric following a foot injury, and am extremely satisfied with the treatment I received. Right from the first session, he was able to quickly pinpoint the issue and provide me with a plan of action and exercises to address it.”

– Lucas Hawath 

“I came to Eric for wrist pain that I experienced from a sport injury and his care was nothing short of amazing. Eric took the time to understand my personal recovery goals and devised a simple and easy plan for me to reach them.”

– Matthew L. 

“Eric’s knowledge and expertise in physiotherapy were evident from the start. He took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, asking insightful questions and actively listening to my concerns. I am very satisfied with my neck treatment. Highly recommend!”

– Edra Kalemi 

“Eric was an absolute professional. He took time to understand the issue with my shoulder and help with a recovery plan. He was very considerate in building the recovery plan with our lifestyle in mind.”

– Abbhilash M. 

“I came to Eric with a torn quad from soccer and was really worried about how long it would take to rehab. Eric gave a very thorough assessment , paid great attention to detail re. my physical activities and sports. He set me up on a rehab plan that enabled me back to my activities in a relatively short time.”

– Lindsey Craig 

“Eric is a true professional who cares about this patients and offers amazing treatment. Unlike many physios he is completely hands on with his clients, uses electro acupuncture and massage techniques to help alleviate pain speed up recovery.”

– Aizaz Alam 

“Eric was very detailed in his process of understanding of my issue and injury before laying out a clear plan to fix it. I loved that from day one I knew how long it would take and exactly what we would be doing to fix the injury. Worked out exactly like he said it would. Definitely recommend him!”

– Muz B. 
Toronto, ON